To celebrate the life, music and spirit of Remmy Ongala by providing a platform for artists across Africa and beyond to be promoted and showcased.

Remmy Ongala was inspired by the fusion of different art forms and musical styles and we aim to promote this legacy to connect new generations of artists to their roots.


We are committed to the spirit of Remmy Ongala’s ethos to empower those less fortunate and to nurture young artists within the East African region.

We seek to develop artists to use and maintain their talents in the long run for self-sustainability and betterment in quality of life.


Homegrown – We are a diverse dedicated group of people with a common goal to unite our efforts to grow and sustain shared ownership of opportunities in our region.
Community Inclusion & Advocacy – We support existing programs and partner with youthful Tanzanian organisations that are dedicated to making a difference in the creative economy of the communities we live in.



In the 1980’s, Dk Remmy Ongala and his family moved to a suburb in Dar es Salaam, called Sinza. As Ongala’s popularity grew, the local bus stop near to where he lived started being referred to by the general public as “Sinza Kwa Remmy” which translates to “Remmy’s Sinza”. As a district which holds great meaning, to Remmy’s memory, his family and local residents; Ongala Foundation propose to build a bus stop in partnership with the local Government, Tanroads, and with a dedicated mural from Wachata Crew Grafitti Artists, to honor Ongala’s significant contribution to Dar es Salaam’s modern history and culture.

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As a prolific songwriter who sang passionately against injustices, racism and the everyday struggles of the common man, Dk. Remmy Ongala provides stimulating subject matter for artist to engage and explore. We propose to commission a mix of African artists, to create pieces that inspire and resonate with Ongala’s spirit, philosophy and legacy.

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The remaining members of Orchestra Super Matimila Band and Remmy’s youngest son (Thomas Ongala) on vocals will come together to pay tribute to the legend and recreate some of the magic around the city, before and during the festival. The band will play a series of free shows around Dar es Salaam, to spread out the Ongala Music experience to a larger audience in different suburbs, including “Sinza Kwa Remmy”.

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